Monday, August 15, 2011

Rainy monday

Today has been a very rainy Monday.  Right when I rolled out of bed this morning I knew that all I wanted to do was lounge around and watch movies.  Sadly- being an "adult" I had to go to work and could not fully live out my dream of lounging.  Even though I couldn't lounge around all day long, I looked forward to doing a whole lot of nothing when the clock reached 5.

As soon as I came home from work I changed into my PJ's, made some Sloppy Joes (yes.. healthy eating was clearly a trend for tonight), and waited for Jeremy to get home.  When he came home he set the living room up to be our very own personal movie theater.  We put the couch cushions on the floor, got out our comfiest blankets and pillows and prepared ourselves for some serious relaxation.  Jeremy surprised me with all sorts of (very unhealthy) goodies like salt and vinegar chips, chocolate covered pretzels, twizlers and starbursts.  We popped in the movie and had a very relaxing rainy Monday night.  It was totally worth all the calories we ate.

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