Tuesday, August 23, 2011

August 23rd

I have this adorable little daily calendar in my cubicle.  It was a gift from Jeremy this past Christmas, and I have really enjoyed it since then.  It is one of those calendars that has a little mini daily devotion/inspirational God story for each day, ending with a small prayer.  Well today (August 23rd) I really enjoyed what I read so I have decided to share it with the blogging world.  Yup, I'm going to share it with all 14 of you people who follow my blog!

"For many years of my life, I suffered from very severe migraine headaches, agonizing in bed for two or three days every month.  I can remember the unbelievably wonderful feeling of waking up one morning to discover that, finally, i didn't have a headache.  How I appreciated that freedom from pain! But, of course, within a few days I was taking my headache-free condition for  granted.  It seems to be human nature that we pay attention to what's wrong and give very little thought to what's not wrong.
 Today, maybe you'll join me in giving thanks for all the small things that are not wrong in your life.  It's a little like counting our blessings, only in reverse.  For example, yesterday, I noticed that my gas gauge was registering empty, but I made it to the gas station in time.  I could have run out of fuel on that empty stretch of Nebraska road between Kearney and Gibbon! My grocery sack broke in my car trunk instead of on the cement porch, where the ketchup bottle would have shattered.  I stood on a wobbly stool (not smart) to reset the clock and almost fell but didn't. 
 Maybe this morning, you'll notice your nontoothace or catch yourself before putting your foot in your mouth, or be thankful that pimple cleared up before your important date.
 Silly things, little things- but being aware of what didn't go wrong can set us free from the trap of focusing on the negative and thereby attracting more of it."

* Today, Lord, I give thanks for all that isn't wrong.
-Marilyn Morgan King

So today I am giving thanks for all the things that aren't wrong in my life instead of nit picking all the things that I'm not happy with.

For example;
I have my own cube! That's something to be thankful about...


  1. Today I'm giving thanks for you. I could live in another country and never see you, but I live seven hours away and get to see you a few times a year. Also... surprise... can Jesse and I stop by your place tomorrow night? I'm being serious. It would only be for an hour or so. But. Are you free? .... hehehehehehe!

  2. I love it! Your cubeeeyyy dubeeey is so cute. Not as cute as you though. Love you!