Friday, August 27, 2010

Where does our money belong?

I wasn't shocked when I found out that the number one reason for divorce in America is money.  Money is such a dangerous thing, especially in a marriage.  What do we get to spend our money on? How much do we have to save? Does it matter if one person works more than the other? There are so many questions that are hard to answer and that can leave some people running for the door.  What should we really be doing with our money?  This topic is something that has gotten me thinking lately..

Is it okay to spend some of your hard earned money on things you want?  I have worked a full month at my first full time job and I feel as though I want to be able to go for a day trip and spend some of my money on clothes, maybe a new pair of shoes, or a nice dinner out with the girls.  Is money something we should always be saving? And how can we effectively work as a team with our spouse to find a middle ground for spending and saving?

I think as humans, we think we deserve the money we have.  We take pride in our hard work, and in turn take pride in the money we make from working a full forty hours.  No wonder so many married couples have gotten divorced because of money problems.  Are we actually submitting everything (including our money) to each other? And forget about submitting our money to each other, are we fully submitting all of our money to the Lord first?  If we were, do you think we would be having so many issues with money? If we were really listening to how He wanted us to spend our money would we be arguing with our spouse about it?

"But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well."
- Matthew 6:33

So how often are we seeking the Lord on these situations? I feel convicted writing this because I know I am guilty as charged.  Maybe we wouldn't get in so many arguments with our spouses about finances if we were on the same page together.  If we were fully submitted to the Lord and what He wanted to do with His money.  Now, I also don't believe that this means He doesn't want us to spend money on a new shirt, or going out to dinner with friends, I believe that He delights in making us happy and he can use money to do so.  But I do believe that He wants to be included/consulted with how we spend money.  I believe that He should be thanked when we are blessed with the opportunity to get new clothes or go out to dinner with friends because he is the giver of these gifts!  He really is a loving, generous father who knows how to take care of His children.

So yes, money is the number one reason many Americans get divorced.  It can tear apart two people and leave them with nothing.. This is when our money isn't fully centered on the Lord.  Like anything that isn't centered around the Lord it can be used for evil and can be torn down in an instant. Although money can be stressful and overwhelming, I think like all things God can use it for His glory.  When we learn to be submitted to His plans and take partnership with what He is doing, the things that once caused us stress and worry begin to be more of a delight.

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