Monday, August 23, 2010

The reality of it all

The reality of this world is sad.  It's very very sad.  I feel like sometimes we get so caught up in our "christian bubble" and our own way of life that we forget that the majority of this world is suffering.  I was awakened to this by my younger sister this weekend.  Her and all of her friends are very similar, so the story she told me made me very sad because it immediately made the think that this could be her.
She went to visit one of her friends who was locked up in a pshyc ward on Sunday.  She didn't know why she was there because they had a falling out a few months before.  When she got there she was informed of all the things that were going on in her friends life.  She found out that when they were sharing an apartment together her friend would find guys off of craigslist to have sex with her for money.  She found out that she started dating a 40 year old heroine addict.  She found out that soon after dating him, she was raped by some of his friends and then got addicted to heroine and cocaine.  This is the sad truth about our world.  People are lost, broken and in need of a Savior!
So what are we doing? I feel so hurt inside and I know from the deepest part of me that Jesus can free them from the addictions and lies that are tying them down.  I know that He can make them feel loved and beautiful.  He can make them see that they have a purpose and that they belong.  He can satisfy them.
What can we do to make the people we love see that there is a way out? That there is a chance to have a new meaningful life?  It is so easy not to be optimistic about the people we love coming to know Christ when we know everything (good and bad) about them.  When we have seen them reject his love again and again.
But there is hope! Even as i'm writing this, I feel as though God is reminding me that I used to be like that.  I was broken and lost and I was the one who was rejecting His love.  Now, because of his grace I know that I have a purpose and a future.  I know that I am so loved by the creator of the universe and nothing can separate me from that love.  I also know that if God could call me to Him in my darkest loneliest times, then He can bring my family to know Him too!  It is so easy to put God in a box and set limits to what he can do.  But in reality, He can do anything! There is no box that could contain his power and love for His people.  He could change it all in one minute.  I don't know the reason that he doesn't but I do know that His ways are perfect.  He could do it all on His own, but instead he chooses to use us for His glory! He lets us play in the game! Even when we don't feel like we know what to do or say He chooses to use us.

So, even though the reality of this world can somewhat be sad and depressing we thankfully have a God who loves His people and would do anything to save them.

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  1. Nicole I absolutely love who you are and the heart that God has given you. You care so deeply for others and feel the pain and burden they feel. I truly know that God is using you and is going to use you in powerful ways in his Kingdom to set people free from the brokenness that entangles them every day. You are so beautiful and I just love you so much!