Thursday, November 18, 2010


I just thought I would write a little update about what is going on with my life.  I guess I should start a couple weeks back and then work my way up to today.
So two weekends ago Jeremy and I went to North Carolina to visit family.  First of all, let me start by saying I love the fact that I now have more family!  Since marrying Jeremy I have gained a mother and father in law, four sisters, two brothers, three nieces and two nephews (if you count Rebekah and Will's dog Max, which I do because I love him and he is such a cute little baby!)

 Me and Jeremy with our nephew Max.  Aunty Nicole loves you Max!

I love this so much! They are such great people and I love hanging out with them and getting to know them more.  So Jeremy and I stayed with Will and Rebekah in North Carolina at their log cabin.  I absolutely loved it! I honestly didn't want to leave.  We had such an awesome time with them, laughing, talking, and relaxing.  They were such good hosts! It inspired me to be just like them (I'm sure most of this was Bekah's doing, but I give Will credit too!)  Next time we have guests over, I'm going to have the bed set up, towels out for them, and plenty of food.  I also had some great conversations with Rebekah.  I am honestly so thankful for her.  She is so caring and loving and I really love being around her and feel comfortable talking to her about anything.  She has probably become one of my "go-to" people when I have a problem, or need to talk (and we all know I don't have too many of these people).
On Saturday we drove down to Virginia to visit Matt & Tascha and the kids.  It was such a treat! I love this family so much.  I think that Matt is the funniest guy ever and I love seeing him and Jeremy interact, it's priceless.  I also love just being around Tascha because she is so laid back and fun.  Evan, Maya and Talia are the cutest little kids I have ever seen! I absolutely love being an aunt and I can't wait to see these kids grow up.  I'm hoping Jeremy and I can visit them more in the future.
The girls: Natascha, Maya, Rebekah, Natalia and me
Overall, this trip was amazing.  It was a wonderful time spent with family and I came back feeling refreshed and loved.  I can't wait until we go back for New Years.

Once we got back from North Carolina we hit the ground running.  Our days were filled with faith groups, navigate, and lots of packing for our upcoming move!  Well, we finally did it! We moved!! We now live in a two bedroom apartment near Dane street beach.  I am so in love with the apartment, it finally feels like it's our home.  I can come home and relax and unwind without feeling stressed or overwhelmed or scared.  I will post more about the apartment soon.  I want to be able to put pictures up to show you how awesome it is, but I have to wait until our internet at home is working.

Besides that, things have been pretty good.  We are still leading faith groups, and I could not be happier.  I love faith group and all the girls in it! They are such special girls, and I really do care about them so much.  We are also still doing Navigate on Wednesday nights.  It has been a great experience and we have both definitely learned a lot! One really awesome thing that we just found out is... At the end of the year, our class is going to INDIA! Holy monkeys! I cannot wait!!  I will keep you posted as to what exactly we will be doing and how you can support us as we go over there :)

Another awesome thing is happening this weekend.. My family is hosting a fundraiser for my Uncle Bob who is currently fighting lung cancer.  It's going to be an awesome time! I am so proud of my family because they have really all come together to make this happen.  My dads band, Flounders in the Wind (don't ask me about the name..) is going to be playing and there will be awesome raffles and such.  I'm looking forward to it and I really hope a lot of money is raised for my Uncle and his family.
My awesome cousin Mark designed this flyer.  If you are around on Saturday and would like to come and take part in the festivities please let me know! 

Jeremy and I have been pretty busy the last few weeks, and I am definitely looking forward to a low key weekend with friends and family.


  1. Glad you could come here! Can't wait til New Years! Hey, so I wanted to tell you that all my hosting skills I learned from my grandma. Every time we came to her house in Pennsylvania she always had towels out and ready, showed us which room we were sleeping in, and made really good food! Always had dessert too! I've told her that she made a huge impression on me and I want to be like that.

  2. Nicole, I am so happy for you both! It seems like things are going amazing with you and your new family, and you really deserve it all :)!! I hope things just keep getting better for you, and I look forward to seeing and hearing about it all ...take care and good luck with everything!!!!!!!!!! I miss you xo