Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Turns out i'm actually the "Biggest Loser"

Jeremy and I have our date nights on Tuesdays.  This is our night where just him and I get to relax and spend time together.  This summer we started watching the show "The Biggest Loser" together.  Now on Tuesday nights, we will have dinner together, hang around the house, and watch the Biggest Loser from 8-10.
Last night I realized I have a very serious problem.  I am actually the biggest loser.  I have a big problem with the show.  It's not that I don't like it, or don't like watching it, nothing along those lines.  I have come to realize that I actually like it a little too much.  It's no longer just a show for me anymore, I am actually invested in these peoples lives.  I can't just watch it like a normal show, careless and relaxed.  Instead, I am on the edge of my seat every Tuesday cheering them on, listening to their struggles, and learning about their lives.

I don't know what to do about this problem.  I almost knew this would happen when I started to watch the show.  I knew that I am a very emotional person,  I am empathetic and really care for people and their lives.  I just never thought it would carry over onto this show.  At the end of every Tuesday night you will find me on the couch curled into a ball crying.  Not just shedding a couple tears, but full out, hyperventilating, sobbing! I love the people so much that it literally makes me weep when one of them gets kicked off at the end of the show.  I cannot handle it! I think about their lives, and why they need to lose the weight and when I see that one of them has to go home it breaks my heart!

Although, I'm pretty sure last night was the worst.  Not one, but TWO of my favorite contestants got kicked off the show last night.  Jesse and Aaron were two of my favorites, they were personable, humble, kind, and funny.  They worked their butts off in the gym and were honest and true friends outside of the gym.  I couldn't handle seeing them get voted off.  I thought about Aaron's little son and how he needed to be there to set a good example for him.  I thought about how much I would miss seeing Jesse's commentary and how he always made me laugh.  Once the last vote was revealed that Jesse and Aaron would be going home I broke down into a sobbing mess.  I  pulled the blanket up over my head and SOBBED for about a half hour (not even exaggerating).  I am going to miss them so much!



So in conclusion, I really do have a serious problem.  I wish I could see myself through Jeremy's eyes when I am sitting on the couch crying over two people I don't even really know.  He doesn't even know how to comfort me because I'm crying over something a little ridiculous.  I just can't help it though! I don't know how to make this show just another show.  To be honest with you, I don't know if I would even if I knew how to.  I like knowing that this show is actually making a difference in peoples lives.  Maybe I'm a little over the top with my reactions, but I guess I would rather be the biggest loser actually watching the show than unattached and emotionless.  So, it turns out I'm the biggest loser, and I think I might be okay with that!

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  1. I cry every Tuesday night watching it also!!! Not for a half hour. But there's never a dry eye!