Friday, March 4, 2011

Princess Party

So tonight I will be attending my very first princess party.  Not just any princess party, but this party is celebrating the birth of my very dear friend Bonnie.  Not only is Bonnie a loyal, committed friend, but she also clearly has very great taste (hence having a princess party!)  Now I love dressing up and being girlie so I have been thinking about this for a few weeks now...  What to wear, how to do my hair, what accessories to use.  I love this idea of having a princess party, but for those of you who know me.. I'm not much of a tiara girl.  If I'm going to be a princess I want to be a non-traditional rock-star princess.  So as I was brainstorming I thought of a few things that would make this princess fit my personality (sadly I wasn't able to pull of this together.. dang it's expensive to be a princess!)  Here are a few ideas for my non-traditional princess:

Instead of a tiara, wear a non traditional head piece:
Feather head piece
Black sequenced gloves instead of the traditional white gloves:
Fabulous alternative to traditional white gloves
Don't have any of your old prom dresses lying around? I think that any princess would have a floor length black dress in their closet, and it makes for a sophisticated, classy, sexy princess:
See ya later pink poofy princess dress
Throw in some antique jewelry:
Sequenced Pumps:

And you have yourself a very stylish, non traditional princess!

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